Design Concept Statement

The 60-storey ILHAM Tower is the result of an extensive and careful form-finding process. Its diagonal exo-skeleton, comprising triangulated concrete frames and external trusses, is offset against the elegant glazing within the building’s structural armor.

The architecture of ILHAM Tower with its dramatic lines and form is destined to be the toast of the city. Comprising 33 floors of office suites and 22 floors of serviced apartments, adding up to a GFA of 1,000,000 sq ft.


ILHAM Tower’s façade systems use high performance intelligent glass, combined with articulated shading devices for optimal thermal comfort levels.


Green Building

Our commitment is to establish and maintain excellent standards of environmental management. An intelligent building that provides long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact, ILHAM Tower’s Integrated building controls optimizes business operations and enhances energy efficiency. Green and energy-saving features include:

Logo Rationale

The Ilham Tower logo was created based on the architectural design of Ilham Tower.

The logomark combines 2 of the metal accents that scale the tower and are it's most characteristic feature. One accent has a heavier weight, appearing like an arrow moving forward. Combined they create a diamond, a symbol of strength and elegance.

The typeface chosen is simple yet strong with a similar weight and angles to complement the logomark.